(Update 10-7-15) New additions added to the site!

There has been several changes made to the site in the past couple of hours, which the changes are mostly internal, the external ones should be noticed if you’re a returning visitor and/or member to the site.

You can now subscribe to the mailing list, which is completely free. If you’ve registered before, you will need to login to your account and access the newsletter area, otherwise you’ll be offered the option to opt-in to the newsletter during the registration of a new account.

You also can use Yahoo! to create an account and login to the system. Before it was limited to local, Facebook, Twitter and Google to create an account and login.

Last but not least, you can also Like and Dislike posts in most areas of the site now. This means that if you like something, let others know it’s liked, or disliked–or don’t at all. 🙂

Update October 7, 2015: You may now create an account and login from Steam services, so you now have the ability to create and login to your account locally, through Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo! and now Steam! The possibility of other services may be implemented, but is not guaranteed.