Game Booster (Batch File) Released.

I’ve released a package tonight that contains two files, which allow you to stop services that are running so you can play your games with better performance, and when you’re done gaming, to start those services again.

Please understand that these files are written for the Windows 7 platform in mind, and Windows 8/8.1 have had a couple service names changed. There is a small chance that these files by default, may not be aware of those names and do nothing as a result. It is also recommended that you know how batch files work, as these files are provided “as-is” without guarantee or warranty.

Game Booster (Batch Files)

I may also start working on an actual application that I had started to develop over a year and a half ago, but put it off for different reasons. I’m not sure if I’ll release the source code to it, or keep it closed, but the future will determine that. Keep an eye out for something about it though!