Forceful Eject Disc

This is a simple and effective way to eject discs that are being stubborn and won’t eject using any other method. Please be advised that this may also eject discs that you do not necessarily want to be ejected, such as mounted images besides optical discs (CD and DVD) as well as other devices.

Forceful Eject Disc is released completely free of charge but is provided “as-is” without any guarantee or warranty of any kind whether express or implied. Forceful Eject Disc (or “FED” for short,) is distributed with two types. The actual application that you can drag and drop to your Applications folder, execute it from the image or copy it anywhere you wish. The second is an OS X Installer that guides you through the installation process.

This is something that I tossed together when I was having issues trying to eject a disc that was actually never in the system, oops. But it does also eject images that are mounted along with discs that are in the drive, could be useful to some. Please keep in mind that this was also developed on Mac OS X 10.7.

¬†You may download Forceful Eject Disc (or “FED” for short) here.