Do I have to register or buy Ballistic Overkill Server Manager?

No and no.

Ballistic Overkill Server Manager is licensed under the MIT license agreement, which means it’s open source, and from either this site or through BitBucket, you will not have to purchase anything to obtain the software. There are several reasons the software is free from Charles McDonald, and will remain free from these two locations, exclusively, unless stated otherwise differently. The reasons include, but are not limited  to:

  1. Ballistic was originally a free to play (F2P) game on Facebook, Yahoo! and Kongregate for the longest time, and it is a means to contribute back to not only the community, but to say thanks to the developers and other contributors of Ballistic and Ballistic Overkill.
  2. The software is intended to assist and help those in setting up a new or existing server with ease. There’s been a lot of questions asked repeatedly on how to setup, maintain and others, a server. This aims to solve all the guess work, or most of the guess work.
  3. There’s a TeamSpeak server which it’s agreement is believed to prohibit accepting donations and sales in any form through the domain.


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