Ballistic Overkill 360 (Xpadder Profile)

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Create Date February 13, 2016
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Ballistic Overkill - Xpadder Profile (.xpadderprofile)

-- Xbox 360 Controller required.
-- Microsoft Windows that is supported by Xpadder.
-- Windows 7 compatibility on Xpadder is required.
-- Xpadder 5.7 (not tested with any other versions.)

This is something that I quickly put together to give those who want to use a Xbox 360 controller with Ballistic Overkill, and are interested in using the Xpadder software to play. This is not configured to be exactly the same as you'd expect from a first peson shooter on the Xbox 360. It is what it is, you have to configure it to suit your needs if you don't like the default values.

This file is provided "as-is" with no help or support of any kind. You must have Xpadder installed before you may use the provided file.

Please see below for more information and where to obtian the free version of Xpadder:

For Xpadder and other free alternatives for Windows, please visit:

This file is available through and is also available directly through: