Client software soon to be released on the beta site.

The client software that has been developed for the main site has been in development for a little while now, and now there’s a version for the beta site, which is based off the client software for the main site.  The client software for the beta site should be released very shortly, probably within the next couple of weeks, if not less.

There are a couple things that you must take in to consideration if you plan on downloading, installing and using the client. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • If you have an account on the main site, it will not work on the beta site and vice-versa. The account system is not shared.
  • The client for the main site and beta site resemble each other very close, so be careful of what you choose and use.
  • Both clients are bare-minimum as far as features and functionality go and provide. This should change with updates as they become available.

If this interests you, please keep an eye out on this site to see what’s new, what’s changed and more. If you want to see what’s going on with the beta site, you’re more than welcome to visit CharlieWARE SOFTWARE (Beta) at