CharlieWARE SOFTWARE Client released!

The CharlieWARE SOFTWARE Client is now available for download, including the complete source code to the client application. The client requires that the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed to operate, and the source code requires you to have Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2010 or Visual Studio .NET 2010 installed to build the executables from the source code.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, what type of license should the CharlieWARE SOFTWARE Client be placed under once it was released, and I’ve decided to open source it with the BSDv3 license. This decision to release this as an open source project was made so others could also join in and help with the development, or even build their own project based off this software’s source code.

This decision was also made in hopes that others can help contribute to the software, while being able to focus on other parts of the site, and other projects. This does not mean I am dropping the client or abandoning the project either, but it’s there so you can see that it is in fact, a reality. 🙂

CharlieWARE SOFTWARE for Microsoft Windows

For those that have been visiting frequently and keeping an eye out for changes and updates that are being done, you may or may not have noticed that the changes and updates have become much slower than normal. While this is true, there’s a perfectly good reason for it.

There’s a lot of changes and modifications being made behind the scenes, some of which may be noticed by those that are not logged in, those that are logged in, and globally throughout the site. the main reason for the slow down in changes and updates being done to the site is because of an application that I’m developing.chware-1st-pic

As you can see in the picture, it will be a Windows-based application that will allow you to connect to the site without using your own web browser, and will also provide you with benefits, features and functionality that is not available on the site.

All that you can see in the picture is fully functional, and without any issues or problems. However, there’s quite a bit that must be done on that screen, and beyond before it’s released to the public to download.

I am however, going to be looking for a small group of individuals to help with the software before it’s released, and the release is planned for sometime in June. You will of course be able to find out the latest information, news and updates about this through this site.