Ballistic Overkill Server Manager released!

After a very long while, and a couple missed deadlines, Ballistic Overkill Server Manager is finally available as a preview release. You can download Ballistic Overkill Server Manager (“BOSM”) directly from this site, including the source code, and you may also obtain the source code directly from You may also report any issues or […]

Forceful Eject Disc

This is a simple and effective way to eject discs that are being stubborn and won’t eject using any other method. Please be advised that this may also eject discs that you do not necessarily want to be ejected, such as mounted images besides optical discs (CD and DVD) as well as other devices. Forceful […]

Firefox Better Surfing

This document aims to serve two main purposes, security and a better experience surfing the internet. You are more than welcome to comment and offer feedback, even opinions about other products that do the same or better than what’s mentioned in this document. This document is provided for use with Firefox for Linux, OS X […]

Steam Games (Free to Play)

This is a list of games that I actively play on Steam, where you’re more than welcome to send me a friend request if you wish at I will be adding more games to this list, but just wanted to get the ones I play mostly on here. ** ADDED 10-09-2015 – NOT A […]