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This is a list of games that I actively play on Steam, where you’re more than welcome to send me a friend request if you wish at I will be adding more games to this list, but just wanted to get the ones I play mostly on here.

** ADDED 10-09-2015 – NOT A FREE ITEM **: Ballistic Overkill has launched as Early Access on — This is a fast paced first person shooter that has console quality graphics, but designed for your PC and Mac systems. Please keep in mind that Early Access does not mean it’s the final product, and as such, it should be expected to experience issues and other problems that are known or unknown at this time.


America’s Army: Proving Grounds is the official game of the U.S. Army and part of the highly acclaimed America’s Army game series. This free military game focuses on small unit tactical maneuvers and puts you to the test in new America’s Army maps as well as AA fan favorites Hospital and Bridge.


CABAL Online is a 3rd person 3D role playing game that will put you in a graphically vivid world of non-stop hack & slash action. Designed to let everyone play, CABAL Online runs even on older computers while still maintaining its scintillating action scenes, lifelike environments, ornate decorations, detailed characters, and non-stop fast action.


Dirty Bomb: It is 2020 and the once great city of London stands abandoned after a mysterious disaster, a dilapidated shell of its former self. Now the streets of London are the playground of Private Military Companies (PMCs) who battle to control the city’s abandoned riches. After all, what’s a little radiation sickness when there’s money to be made?


Battles take place not between dozens of troops, but thousands; with air and ground vehicles slugging it out alongside squads of troops. Whether in open fields, tightly packed urban centers or enormous structures, planning, teamwork and communication are essential.


PlanetSide 2 features incredible continent maps with dozens of square kilometers of seamless gameplay space; every inch of which is hand-crafted, contestable space. With the territorial control meta-game, landmass has intrinsic value.


The year is 2020. The European Union has collapsed. The United States, in an effort to revitalize their anemic economy, has withdrawn from the geopolitical stage. China and Russia have moved to fill the vacuum of power left behind.


Worse, a group of degenerate Xanthids, extraterrestrial creatures that escaped from an Andromeda prison colony, have taken refuge in the depths of Antarctica. Attempts to communicate have proven impractical, and they have begun to instigate skirmishes elsewhere as they seek to expand their territory—a highly classified problem kept tightly under-wraps by the world’s governments.


Though each nation preaches about the benefits of peace and stability, the political structure of the world has crumbled. Nations jockey for power behind the backs of their citizens, and the slightest political misstep could end in nothing less than mutually assured destruction—or a complete alien takeover. The second Cold War has dawned.


However, when war is fought behind the scenes, the only warriors are the elite. Delta Force, GAFE, Spetsnaz, and their brethren—these brave soldiers control the future, delicately maintaining the balance between the world powers through shadowy operations and confidential weaponry.


The world is their battlefield. Live or die, their existence will be disavowed by the very nations they protect. Succeed or fail, their heroism will never be known.


They are the world’s special forces.


Warface offers an intense Co-op experience with daily new content, in which players can master unique teamwork moves and gameplay styles. They can also engage in fast-paced or tactical action in Versus modes such as Team Death Match or Plant The Bomb.

I’ll add more games later on, there are quite a few other free to play games that are of good quality and worth many hours of playing. You’re more than welcome to recommend games that should appear on this list, and I will add them as well, but only if they are the same or better quality.


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